Report claims LG might ditch modular accessories for next flagship

The LG G5 was a big device for LG because the company tried making it modular via the LG Friends, allowing G5 owners to swap different modules to add new features to the G5 like physical camera controls or a a Hi-Fi DAC for improved audio.

However, things are not looking good for LG’s Friends, if this new report is to be believed. Continue reading


Google Pixel vs Water : 30 minutes of submersion

Google Pixel and Pixel XL lack the IP67 or IP68 rating of the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy S7 but it does feature some sort of splash resistance if not submersion in water. However, the official ratings take into account a lot of tests, averages and means, and real world performance, be it water resistance or camera, may or may not be as good. At times, it can come out better. So what happens when you submerge a Google Pixel in water, even though it lacks actual water resistance? Or are they not even worth the IP53 rating they arrive with? Take a look at the video below to find out.
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Xiaomi Mi Note 2 presentation slides leaked; to feature an Iris scanner and dual cameras

There have been many contrasting rumours about the Mi Note 2. Some claim that the smartphone will sport dual edge display and a dual camera setup, while the others claim only one of them will make it to the smartphone. In any case, Xiaomi has scheduled an event on October 25 where all the official details of the Mi Note successor will be out of the bag once and for all. But before that happens, presentation slides claimed to be for the upcoming event have been leaked on Weibo, revealing all specifications and pricing details of the Mi Note 2. Continue reading


Night Light remains a Pixel exclusive feature, but you can still get it on your Nexus.. sort of

It seems that Google is piling up the features that will make the Pixel smartphones special, further distancing itself from its Nexus predecessors. In some cases, however, the changes might turn out to actually be detrimental to Google’s older, existing devices.

In responding to comments on Google+, Googler Ian Lake confirmed that devices other than the Google Pixel won’t be able to support fingerprint sensor gestures or the new Night Light mode. Unfortunately, it seems that Android 7.1 has also removed the previously existing Night Mode for those devices as well. That’s not to say OEMs can’t work on their own Night Modes and fingerprint gestures, in fact, both of these features do arrive on Pixel after a few Chinese OEMs have already done it.  Continue reading


Three new Google Pixel ads featuring Youtube stars

The last few weeks have been full of Google Pixel. Google has also been releasing ads almost ever three or four days. They released three ads last week, however until now all the ads have primarily been about a Google Search bar transforming into a Pixel, with various personal themes. Google has now released three more ads however and this time, the ads aren’t as simplistic. These are full blown ads just like you’d expect from Apple or  Samsung.  Continue reading


Where to buy the Google Pixel and Pixe XL : USA, UK, Canada and India

It might feel like quite some time ago that the Pixel and Pixel XL were announced to the world, but in reality they’ve only just gone on sale, and they’ve already sold out before this in a lot of models. This isn’t the sort of launch that some were hoping for, but if not having enough stock is an indicator of success, then I’m sure that Google is pretty happy with themselves right about now.

The pre-orders are no more though and you can pick up a phone today at your nearest store and start using it. Continue reading


Samsung Announces 10nm 8 GB LPDDR4 RAM for smartphones and ultra-thin PCs

It’s almost unbelievable that, just three years ago, we were still discussing the future benefits of the then new 64-bit mobile processors. But by next year, we might already be seeing smartphones and tablets with a whopping 8 GB of RAM inside. That will be thanks in no small part to Samsung’s new silicon that packs 8 GB of DRAM in a single tiny package, utilizes the fastest LPDDR4 technology, and boasts of the space and energy savings of a 10 nm process. Continue reading