5 Free Icon Packs to make your homescreen a sight to enjoy

One of the most exciting and loved thing about android is that it is highly customizable and thus there in no lack of good high quality icon packs to make your android smartphones look unique and beautiful the way you like but they’re not always free. The app revenues from the Playstore tell how much most of us love free things than having to pay for it. So here are some free and nice icon packs that are relatively not as popular as Candycons or Moonshine.

P.S. The wallpapers used aren’t necessarily from the icon packs themselves.


If you’re a fan of icons with black outlines that give them a neat visual appeal you might enjoy this. These icons have long shadows that give a feel of depth and height over a white translucent and circular background that look particularly nice over a light background but that may be just my taste. The Fluxo icon pack boasts of 2200 HD icons and over 20 QHD wallpapers to go with them and for the low price of free, they leave you not much room for complain.

Download Fluxo Icon Pack from Google Playstore



The Toxic icon pack is quite similar to fluxo and comes from the same developer. It has just as many icons and wallpapers but if Fluxo’s translucent white background left you wanting and you need a bit of circular color in your life, developer mowmo has you covered. Even if you have an app not covered in the vast collection of 2200 different icons, this icon pack will mask the unsupported icon and much like fluxo and unlike other icon maskings, this doesn’t even look odd.

Download Toxic Icon Pack from Google Playstore




Once again Syrma icon pack is developed by the same developer mowmo and no I haven’t taken any money for this. Moving on, this is a change in design from the circular backgrounds to the square ones so if you don’t like it circular, you might like these carefully crafted square icons with smooth edges with a bit of our favorite material design. You also get icon masking in case of any unsupported icons although this iconpack contains over 2100 HD icons and 30 Wallpapers some of which I personally loved.

Download Syrma Icon Pack from Google Playstore



4. LollyDrop

Another free icon pack based on material design as the name may suggest. This one comes from ALMR Designs and while it doesn’t have a huge selection of icons it is quite a beautiful collection. There is no icon masking which is a good thing here as there are only 600 icons but over a 1000 variants all in high quality and if like me your material design home screen layout is based upon icons from a number of icon packs, these are very nice 600 icons to add into your collection.

Download LollyDrop Icon Pack from Google Playstore



5. Desaturate Icon Pack

Strong splashes of color where they are wanted. Desaturated where they are not.

Desaturated colors leaving only red and orange tones with highest quality iconography, hundreds of matching wallpapers included, and full launcher support for all popular launchers!

So says the official description by developer Drumdestroyer and rightly so. This icon pack has been designed around a dark and warm theme which reminds of a certain holiday in the west, Halloween. Without a doubt Desaturate is my favorite among the above mentioned icons and is clearly here to stay with  over 1474 Ultra high quality HD icons and 150+ matching wallpapers and dynamic calendar support. All of this and for free!!

There is also a similar light themed icon pack called Saturate if all the darkness is giving you chills. (kidding)

Download Desaturate Icon Pack from Google Playstore

Download Saturate Icon Pack from Google Playstore

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