5 Android apps you probably need

The android app database is huge and that is no secret. Anything you want, “there’s an app for that” quite a few times and that saying is not only true for iOS anymore. But it’s not an easy task finding the good and useful apps on the Google Playstore that you would actually like or want. So here are  5 apps I think at least some of you may need.

1. Audio Recorder

Right, who uses an audio recorder on the phone? I don’t know, I don’t use one either, but it is one thing that comes along with almost every smart phone and even the generic feature phones just in case. So why not have a good one than the generic basic audio recorder for the just in case scenario?  If you’re not yet convinced, you might want to skip over to App #2 but if you are, let me tell you about this audio recorder.
This is an app directly from Sony, and this is not an endorsement. The app is just called Audio Recorder since it is just that and comes pre-installed on Sony’s Xperia lineups but it is more than basic.


The app has four recording modes as seen in the screenshots above.

Basic : for basic tasks such as voice notes.

Medium : for lectures and speeches.

High : for recording music

Superior : for high fidelity music recording.

And they work really well. Having personally used this app even just for fun i can tell the difference and so can you as long as you have a mic that’s good enough. There is also the option to record a mono audio or record it in stereo mode. And it doesn’t stop there, the app also gives you control over how and where you want to save your recordings. You can save it on your external storage if your phone supports it, or you have two options to store it on the internal memory one of which involves storing it secretly so they cannot be accessed by any other app but this one.

Download Audio Recorder


2. Opera Max

Since the dawn of smart phones and the background data usage they brought with them it has become a little hard to manage your mobile data usage specially because it is not unlimited like your home WiFi. You’re outside and that girl you like shares a video with you and asks about it, and you’re suddenly in a situation where you have to choose your expensive mobile data or her. To help you in such situations the popular mobile browser company opera has an app for you called Opera Max.

It’s a VPN client that saves data by re-routing your connection through opera servers and compressing the data you sen or receive. Not only that, this also protects your data and prevents any chances of it being stolen or misused by the carrier companies you don’t trust or even your ISP if you’re using WiFi.


The app also monitors which app have been using data and sorts it out by day, month and year and also by how the app has been using it. You can check up which app has been sucking on your precious mobile data in the background and also block it, something that is now already built into android but where it stands out is you can choose to disable the background data for the said app even when you’re on WiFi so it wouldn’t drain your battery or in case you don’t have an unlimited WiFi plan. The app works more efficiently over media files on a page specially videos. YouTube videos. And I highly recommend trying it out.

Download Opera Max


3. Flynx

Ever been using Facebook or Twitter on your smart phone and then there’s an interesting link but you click it and then it opens up right in your face and now you can’t scroll down your news feed or even worse, you have a not so fast internet and now you also have to wait for the link to open up so you can read and go back to what you were doing? So much for 6 gigs of RAM and multitasking.

That’s what Flynx saves you from. Flynx is a very useful bubble browser and you’ll probably end up using it more than google chrome or whatever browser is your default goto browser. It opens up the links in the background and it’s there on your screen on the edge in a bubble like Facebook’s messenger chatheads. You can continue scrolling down your news feed and keep clicking on links to check out when you’re ready, or when the links are ready if you have slow internet.

And that’s not all it does. It saves your history in case you want to see it and it also has a nice double tap to save feature wherein you can double tap a link in any app you might be using and flynx will save the link which you can later check out in the flynx app. You can also customize the size of the bubble and stuff. It’s really one of a kind of app even though there are a couple of similar apps but they’re not as good or just not free.

Download Flynx


4. Unclouded

Cloud storage is becoming more and more popular these days and with so many services providing only a limited amount of cloud space which sometimes isn’t enough, many of us happen to be using more than just a Google Drive or Dropbox. And if you’re that kind of person, managing all your cloud data and storage space must be a frustrating job with so many accounts and switching between apps or browser tabs however you prefer. Don’t you wish there was an app that could just help you manage everything at once? oh, but there IS an app for that and they call it Unclouded.

Unclouded is basically a very neat and awesome looking file explorer except it focuses on the clouds. It supports all the major cloud storage services and keeps a record of all your services as if they were just another drive attached to your phone, except they’re actually not.

You can see how much of space you have used and have left,

see which files or folders are using most of your storage,

know which categories you have the most (images, videos, etc),

search for files,

and all that stuff a normal file explorer does and you can manage it all right from this very app. No more multiple cloud storage apps hogging your ram and system memory, this is all you need.

Download Unclouded


5. Followshows

This is a simple app like the first one in the list and does what its name suggests. it helps you keep track of all the shows you watch and keeps you updated on news regarding them or when they’re returning and you can mark the episodes you’ve seen as watched so you remember where to start from the next time you decide to binge watch it.

You can also keep track of what your friends have been watching if they so choose to share it or you can share your activity as well.It can send you notifications when a new episode is on if you choose so and you can also see all the shows marked in a calendar view so you can plan your days or whatever. Do give it a try.

Download Followshows



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