Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016) : Really?

Galaxy J series is Samsung’s answer to the chinese OEMs and their budget oriented devices flooding the smart phone market. J2 is the cheapest of them and today we’ll be talking about the 2016 iteration of Galaxy J2 which is a joke by Samsung or may be they just decided to troll reviewers. This is not so much as a description, overview or opinion on the phone as it may be a rant.

I think Samsung just found a big chunk of old hardware it lost 5 years ago and decided let’s sell that out too. Believe it or not, that actually makes sense. Let’s explain what I mean.

Specs Overview

Processor : Spreadtrum SC8830, Quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A7

Display : Super AMOLED, 720p

GPU :           Mali-400MP2

OS :             Android OS, v6.0.1 (Marshmallow)

Internal :   8 GB , 1.5 GB RAM

Camera :   8 MP Primary, 5MP Secondary

Battery :    2600 mAh battery

Price : Rs. 9700

As you can see, the specs are clearly not from 2016 because in 2016 android smartphones costing around INR 9700 are more than capable of performing well like the Xiaomi Redmi note 3 or even the Redmi 2 prime from last year or even the Moto E 2014. Such is the sorry state of the Galaxy J2 “2016”

No auto brightness sensor, No hap tic feedback, no noise cancelling microphone, no gyroscope sensor, it’s basically a crippled smart phone. Did they do it to reduce costs? even though maybe the competition has reduced costs without these “tricks”. Maybe it has some revolutionary feature tha no other phone has. Yes it does. A notification LED ! and its on the back around the camera! see? revolutionary feature.

8GB of internal storage, EIGHT. In 2016, when 16GB is the norm even for budget devices,Samsung went with eight. Guess how much you get out of that? Five? Four and a half? TWO! 2 GB of usable internal storage. and then the camera cannot record 1080p videos too when its the norm these days. Why can’t it?

Cortex A7! It went extinct two years ago when everyone stopped using it but at a time when devices are using Cortex A 53 cores, Samsung has brought back A7. And it’s coupled with… wait for it… Mali-400 MP2 GPU.  All this technical gibberish may not make sense to some of you. So let’s go back to 2011. Samsung galaxy S2, it had a 480p display and the GPU on it was Mali-400 MP4. Two extra cores, higher clockspeed, lower resolution display, that’s what Samsung used on its FIVE years old flagship. That’s Galaxy J2 2016 for you.

How does Samsung expect you to buy it right? Well, It has got a ring LED on the back. Just have to keep the device face down and enjoy watching notifications arrive. Make sure to use a screen protector though because there’s no Gorilla Glass. Surely you would understand they had to cut down on costs because the ring LED is not the only thing good about this device. Samsung has worked hard on, and you can tell this by how beautiful this looks, this official Web page for the J2 2016 and it has some pretty scroll animations.

We’ve all learned it, and some of us the hard way, to not judge a device by its specs. So how does the J2 perform in real life? Samsung claims that its “Turbo boost technology” gives the phone ‘speed’ and if this was 2011, you may probably have to take them on their word. Seriously, I hope you weren’t expecting a twist in the plot here. Of course it performs like a sloth and even the app tray opening animations are laggy, the device is choppy right out of the box and I can’t imagine it’s condition even after a month.


I believe there is no verdict needed for charity donations. Decide for yourself, do you want to donate your money to Samsung or another foundation? Its your money after all. Seriously, at this point in time, with those specs, that performance, you might as well call it a donation because you’re getting nothing in return. Not even someone’s blessings.



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