Pokémon GO Europe & Asia Launch Updates

Nintendo’s AR-based Pokémon GO is taking the gaming world by storm. TheBitBag recently argued as to why “Augmented Reality” is better than the “Virtual Reality” when it comes to gaming. The unprecedented popularity of this game surprised both Nintendo and Niantic, the firm that developed this game in partnership with Nintendo.

The Pokémon GO app is just a week old. And Nintendo released the game only in a couple of countries like the US, Australia and New Zealand. Interested gamers in other parts of the world are eagerly awaiting the release in their respective countries.

But then, the parent company is taking it slow as the servers are reportedly recovering from the impact caused by the unexpected demand, The Verge noted. Once the server capacity improves, the game will be launched in many regions.

The good news, however, is that The Wall Street Journal says the Pokémon GO release date specific to Europe and Asia could be revealed “within a few days.” Even though the publication did not cite any official statement from Nintendo, it apparently sourced the news from credible people familiar with the matter.

Meanwhile, gaming enthusiasts in the UK are able to play Pokémon GO even without the official release. As it turns out, Android device users are apparently able to “sideload” the app. Apple iPhone users in the UK, on the other hand, are also enjoying the game by creating a “new Apple ID” under the US, Australia or New Zealand region.

The tremendous interest in Pokémon GO has created a slew of malware-prone duplicate gaming apps. These apps are being peddled as genuine ones online. Many reports also suggest that unaware users, downloading and installing these counterfeit apps, have infected their smartphones very badly.



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