Trading and sponsored locations coming to Pokemon GO

The last few days have felt like our childhood in the 90s with everyone talking about Pokemon. And its not without a reason. Within days of launch Niantic’s new game has broken and set all sorts of records and it’s not even available yet in many places (not officially anyway). According to a latest report Pokemon Go is all set to receive an update bringing two new features sometime soon.


In a recent interview, Niantic’s CEO John Hanke confirmed that trading will soon be available, which is a welcome addition. Even in the earlier Pokemon games on gameboy, gameboy color and gameboy advanced trading was one of the most fun features.

Apart from trading, Pokémon GO might also see an update with “sponsored locations.” While not official, and with details unknown, this would allow businesses such as restaurants or cafes to pay Niantic to become sponsored locations in the game, whether they are Gyms, Pokéstops, or even special areas that harbor rare Pokémons.

Right now, they only exist in their “very most basic versions,” Hanke says, but players will be able to “customize their functions in other ways.”

There will also be some kind of global leadership scoreboard for Pokémon players to see who’s the very best, like no one ever was. This could be a million dollar feature for the developers if the game’s popularity continues its momentum.

Pokémon Go represents one of those moments when a new technology — in this case, augmented reality or A.R., which fuses digital technology with the physical world — breaks through from a niche toy for early adopters to something much bigger. The idea behind the technology is to overlay digital imagery on a person’s view of the real world, using a smartphone screen or a headset.

What do you think? If you are a Pokémon GO user, do you see yourself going to these sponsored locations?


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