PokemonGo : Myths

Pokémon Go has been out for almost a full week and there’s still so much left unknown. The internet has been full of conspiracy theories about the game, with rumors spreading fast. Pokémon is no stranger to internet conspiracy theories; in 2000 the internet went crazy about “Pikablu,” which just turned out to be Marill.

Here are some of the most farfetched Pokémon Go rumors and myths.

  • Eevee Evolves Depending On It’s Moveset- One of the first rumors to spread like wildfire was that you can figure out what your Eevee will evolve into depending on its special move. This is entirely untrue, there is no way of knowing if you’ll get a Flareon, Vaporeon or Jolteon when you evolve your cute little furball.
  • Ghost Pokémon Live In Graveyards– For a while, players have been convinced that Ghastly appeared more often in cemeteries, hospitals and graveyards. There’s zero evidence to back up this claim and Silph Road, a group of Pokémon trackers and enthusiasts sampled thousands of Pokémon Go players and found that ghost Pokémon do not appear more in spooky places.
  • Weather Affects What Pokémon you Can Catch– This rumor’s been floating around since the beta. Players are convinced that rain, snow, sleet and fog all factor into what Pokémon you can catch. Silph Road says, and also in my personal experience, this just isn’t true, weather has no effect on Pokémon spawn rates. The main factor in deciding Pokémon spawn rates seems to be temperature; hotter locations have more rock, ground and fire type Pokémon.
  • Farfetch’d Is Only Available In Japan- Out of all of the weird things people are saying about Pokémon Go on the internet, this may be my favorite. For some reason people seem to think the bird with a leek is region-locked to Japan. Nobody has found a Farfetch’d in Pokémon Go yet; I doubt players in Japan are holding out on us.
  • Pokémon Go Is For Children- No, just no.


For some Pokemon Tips and tricks click here.  Wondering what the  randomly appearing green leaves are? Checout here to see if you can recover pokeballs

Are there any crazy theories you’ve found in your Pokémon Go adventures? Tell us in the comments!

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