5 Android apps that you probably need #2

Near the start of July 2016 I shared with you five android apps that I thought would be useful to many of you. So here we are with more apps for you so do check them out and let us know if you like or dislike any.

1.Light House

It’s not often that you come across a game where the looks don’t matter and in fact the simple and clean look only makes the game more fun to play. Light house is one such game. The game play is as simple as the graphics, you have to move electricity from power sources to the light house and there are reflectors on the way that you can move or turn to guide the electric current. Light house, like any good game, starts simple and as you learn the basics it keeps adding more challenges on the way. It can be best described in one word, FUN.

Download Light House


2. Smart Wallpaper

If you’re here i will assume you have already been suggested or have actually used quite a few wallpaper apps. Smart wallpaper is not just an ordinary wallpaper app with a cloud based collection of wallpapers. It’s an app that lets you ‘manage’ your wallpapers based on a number of criteria.

You can select a bunch of different wallpapers to change depending on what day of the week it is or the month. Time of day or Just a different wallpaper for every WiFi network you connect to. It’s a really cool app to have if you find yourself constantly changing wallpapers but switching through a bunch of random wallpapers is not your thing.

Download Smart Wallpaper


3. Noisli

I’m not a very productive person usually and I find myself getting distracted every now and then. If you’re anything like me you can probably make good use of this ‘noise’ making app. Well it’s not really noise but a soothing ambient sound and not just any sound but a lot of sounds you can choose from. Like the sound of rain? or does the sound of rustling wind calms your mind? Noisli has a lot of options to choose from and the best thing about the app is the clean and colorful design. If you’re a fan of minimalist design you would adore this app.


The app allows you to make different combinations of the sounds you would like and set a timer too in case you’re using it for a good sleep.

Download Noisli


4. Tictures

Often on Whatsapp or any such messenger you may have received an ASCII art and wondered who took the pain of making it just to share it on social media or messengers.

There may have been times you wished you could make something like that. Here’s your chance. ASCII art and Unicode faces have been around for awhile and you can enjoy them again with a fun to use app! ASCII and Unicode characters have the ability to be displayed anywhere. Send them to your friends or post them on Reddit or share them on Facebook messenger.

The app has a nice selection of ASCII art to choose from and it lets you type your message along with the art within the app which you can then easily share via any means you like.

Download Tictures


5. Universal Copy

Often you may have wanted to copy some text from an app like the official facebook app but it simply didn’t allow that. Although now the Facebook app lets you do that but there are still many apps that will not allow android’s default long press copy to work like Youtube and Instagram to name a few popular ones. But just like everything else, there’s an app for that.

Universal Copy sits in your notification tray and allows you to copy text once the persistent notification is tapped. You can then choose the text you want and copy it


Download Universal Copy

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