Control your PC from your Android device

There are times in each of our lives when we just feel super lazy and don’t even want to lift a hand and type on the laptop or reach out to the trackpad to click on the next video. I sre have a dozen of them. Sometimes you have a wireless mouse but then, typing with it is not an easy task. Maybe you’re not lazy like me but for some reason you may just need to operate the PowerPoint/Windows Media Player in your laptop via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
So today we’re gonna look at how you can achieve that. And it’s easy.

Asus Remote Link

Asus is a quite recognizable brand name in the smart phone market and right from them comes the app called Remote Link which can help you in your lazy times. Or any other purposes you may have.


The app works via bluetooth or WiFi so make sure your laptop or pc supports them and has all the necessary drivers for bluetooth to work.  To give an overview, you can o retty much anything you would normally wish to as a casual user or a professional user whose life depends upon Office presentations. The app lets you control media, Office files, you can type from your andoid keyboard or just speak into it whih is very useful. So how to set it up? You will need to install Asus Smart Gesture on your PC which kind of makes it seem not so cool anymore but hey, it works like a charm and is light on resources too.

The list of features on this app is a long one and there are also opetions to remotely put your computer into sleep, hibernate, shut it down, restart, or just log out of your current account.

While this isn’t the only way to control your PC, and while it does need a seperate app on the PC to work, unlike Chrome Remote Desktop which is only an extension on Chrome, the sheer number of things you can easily do using this app makes it worth installing a small app on your PC.

Download Remote Link on Playstore

Download Asus Smart Gesture for PC

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Do you use any other method for remote control? Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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