Upcoming Inkwire app will offer Android-to-Android remote assistance and screen sharing

If you’re a “techie” like me, you’ve probably gotten that phone call or text from a family member or friend with the infamous line, “I need help with my phone”. It happens to all of us and when we’re miles away, helping that other person can get complicated. We’ve long had a least a few different ways to externally access an Android phone, but none has ever been as simple and easy as the upcoming Inkwire


Inkwire is a new app in development from developer Koushik Dutta, the mind behind popular apps such as Vysor, AllCast, and his famous work on ClockworkMod. With Inkwire, Koush (as he’s better known in the Android community), aims to offer easy Android-to-Android screen sharing that just about anyone can use. Koush explains it as follows…

Unlike Vysor, it [Inkwire] doesn’t require ADB or a computer. Just plain old Android to Android screen sharing, without the cords. Since ADB is required to send the touch and keyboard events, Inkwire can’t do that. I’m working around this by drawing over the screen to show the remote user where to touch; the experience is still pretty good. Also has built in voice chat.

So how does it work? The basics as of it right now is that both users will install the app and one of those users will have a code generated on screen. The other user will then enter that code to access the other device. While we won’t be able to have true control over the other device, Inkwire will allow the ability to draw on screen and better yet, it will offer voice chat.

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Inkwire is still in development but we should be getting an early APK in the coming days via the beta community over on Google+. Once the app launches we’ll be sure to check it out and post a full hands on.

UPDATE : Inkwire Beta ready for remote assist, Android screen sharing

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