Alleged iPhone 7 Pro appears next to iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 in leaked image

Based on previous reports, it seemed unlikely Apple will introduce an iPhone 7 Pro to its lineup of smartphones this fall. However, a new leak out of China suggests the Cupertino company does indeed have plans to launch a more advanced model alongside its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

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The new pictures appear to show an iPhone 7 Pro, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 7 all side-by-side. The Pro and Plus models appear to be virtually identical—at least from the front—but the back of the Pro model will presumably feature a “Smart Connector,” something that’s found on the back of Apple’s iPad Pro models. The Smart Connector will seemingly allow iPhone 7 Pro users to extend the device’s abilities via accessories.

Unfortunately, the person who uploaded the photos doesn’t provide a rear shot of the iPhone 7 Pro, so we can’t verify that the device is indeed a Pro model. For that matter, all of the devices look so similar to Apple’s existing lineup that it’s tough to say if these are actually the handsets Apple plans on launching this fall or just complete fakes. From what we’ve seen, however, the devices Apple releases later this year will look virtually identical to what the company currently offers.

We do get a pretty good glimpse of the alleged iPhone 7’s back, which is for some reason designated with an “S,” something that’s typically reserved for updates every other year. As 9to5Mac mentions, Apple could eventually change branding for 2017’s iPhone as it moves to a three-year update cycle.

Although the design for this year’s iPhone update isn’t expected to change much, Apple is rumored to be making some welcome tweaks. According to previous leaks, the upcoming models will start at 32GB of internal storage, a marked upgrade from 16GB, and also eliminate the3.5mm headphone jack. Other possible changes will include faster guts and a much-improved camera. You can see the new lens in the photo of the alleged iPhone 7 shell above.

We’ve seen a slew of iPhone 7 leaks over the past few weeks, and there are surely more on the way. My only question is, with the Plus models in Apple’s lineup already retailing for several hundred dollars (and over $1,000 in some cases), how much will the iPhone 7 Pro model be when it launches?

You can check out the new pictures above, along with previously leaked images.


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