Pokédrone : a genius solution for catching hard-to-reach Pokémon in Pokémon GO

Pokemon Go is well on its way to taking over the world. It is a great excuse to go outside and walk, run or even bike around. That being said, some players find the whole Pokéwalking thing quite a bother.  And sometimes you track down a Pokémon only to find it’s hidden behind a wall or some other impassable obstacle. Thankfully, one company’s come up with a clever drone-based solution.

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Pokédrone is a tiny remote-controlled drone with a built-in camera and GPS. Once you sync it to your phone over Wi-Fi the gadget acts as an extender for your Pokémon GOadventures, making it possible to catch a pesky Pokémon hiding on the other side of a wall or in a nearby body of water. At least that’s the idea.

This pocket-sized drone is still more of a concept than an actual product. TRNDlabs, the company behind it, doesn’t have a set price or release date. It doesn’t even say how long the battery will last (probably not very long) or how far it can fly (probably not very far). Still, the potential for Pokédrone is pretty exciting and it could be a huge hit if it launches in the near future before this craze starts to die down.

Head on over to TRNDlabs’ website if you’re interested in receiving more info on the device’s availability.

It’ll be interesting to see how long this concept lasts: on the one hand, remote Pokémon-catching may help prevent the car accidents and incidents that have sprung up as a result of the app’s release; on the other, Nintendo and Niantic will almost definitely penalize and bounce users for gaming the system.

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