Request New Gyms And PokeStops In Pokemon GO

Developer Niantic is now letting people request new locations to be made into PokeStops and gyms for the AR mobile game Pokemon GO. 

This is great news for anyone who lives in rural areas s or a country like India . For example, my nearest PokeStop is an Gurudwara which is quite a distance for walking and there are none other than that – not ideal when I just wanna be the very best.

To submit a request, simply head over to this Pokemon GO support page, where you’ll need to include your email address, the name and location of your desired PokeStop/gym, and the reason you want it.


Obviously you can only request a business or landmark as a new location – although it would be hilarious to troll your neighbours by turning their house into a hot spot for local trainers.

Niantic hasn’t mentioned how quickly it’ll respond to these requests, or what criteria it’ll use when deciding to accept or reject each one.

You can also use the new request form to let Niantic know if you’ve seen a PokeStop or gym that’s in a dangerous area, or remove one that’s on your personal property.

Hopefully the bloke from Massachusetts who had his converted church home labelled as a gym makes use of this new request form ASAP.


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