Sony Xperia is not dead : its New and redesigned

Sony has been making some spectacular looking phones over the years and up until the Z3 they were quite a competition to the other flagships too. Since then Sony has made some terrible choices and the one thing everyone will agree on is Sony’s pricing is the only thing nobody is a fan of. But Sony hasn’t given up yet. Its very probably coming back with a new flagship, redesigned, reborn.

sony-xperia-Xperia-F8331-1x-840x557 (1).jpg

This is what may or may not turn out to be Sony’s next flagship which for now is called the Sony Xperia F8331. As you may notice, there’s a change in Sony’s design philosophy (Finally!) which many may welcome, although I am a huge fan of the flashy and glossy Xperia design (z5 Premium) but nobody else seemed to have much love for it. Mainly because it was a fingerprint magnet and that also did bother me.

The front is more recognizable, including the front-facing stereo speakers and the NFC antenna near the earpiece which is not only an inconvenient location but also looks very odd. It will create problems putting a screen guard too which is in my experience a must for Xperia devices.



The top and bottom are now flat while the left and right sides are curved. The 2.5D glass on the front flows into the curved side of the phone, and, overall, the industrial design is reminiscent of the “flattened tube” look that has been previously used by Nokia and has also been making rounds as a concept design for Xperia devices almost every year.

There’s a USB Type-C port on the bottom, this would be Sony’s first. Sony has retained the 3.5mm headphone jack which is a welcome move and I’d wish some OEMs (Motorola) would learn from that.

The back of the device shows a more dramatic deviation from the established Xperia design language. The back is brushed metal, with what looks like a plastic antenna window at the bottom. The layout of the camera flash has been changed to a pill-shaped design that houses two LEDs and potentially a laser sensor.

That said the device should have looked pretty slick with the design choices made here except for the NFC logo on the front, but it doesn’t. Instead, it looks like a lackluster attempt at an Xperia device. Maybe its the color?

Here’s a specs overview of the device as revealed on the GFXBench benchmarking site.



What do you think of the  Sony Xperia F8331 ? Do you wish Sony gave up already? I think its good that they are trying, if only though they would listen to the customers.


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