WhatsApp update adds a new font called FixedSys, here’s how to use it in your chats

Bored of chatting on WhatsApp with the same old font? Here’s how to use the new font FixedSys font on Android, iOS and Web apps.

Earlier this week, WhatsApp has rolled out a new update for its app on Android and iOS platforms, and also for its web apps. Along with usual bug fixes and performance improvements, the update silently brings a completely new font called FixedSys. This iconic monospaced font was initially included in Microsoft’s Windows 1.0 OS, back in 1985. And just to relive the nostalgia, you now use it in your WhatsApp messages too.

How to use FixedSys font in WhatsApp

Earlier, WhatsApp had introduced three new formatting options, Bold, Italics and Strikethrough. While these are easy to use, the new FixedSys font can be a little tough and tiresome to use. This is because, every time you want to use the font, you have to enter the backquote symbol (`) three times, before and after the text. It is the same symbol as on your computer’s keyboard, just below the ‘esc’ button.


For instance, if you want to say ‘What’s Up?’ using the new font, you will have to type “`What’s Up?“` to make it work. Looks easy? Well, it’s not, because the character (`) is difficult to locate on the keyboard. On most Android keyboards, you will find it on the second page  of punctuation and symbols – press and hold on the apostrophe to bring the backquote symbol. Same goes with iOS keyboard too – you have to hit the 123 key on the keyboard’s corner and then press and hold on the apostrophe.

To use the other formatting options, you can add asterisk (*) before and after the text to make it bold, an underscore (_)  to make it italics and a tilde (~) for strike through. If you have the latest updated WhatsApp on your smartphone, do give it a try and let us know what you feel about the new font in the comment section below.



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