Hackers group threaten to take down Pokémon GO servers on August 1 ‘just for fun’

Pokémon GO fanatics will have to find something else to do on August 1 as hackers have planned to take the game down that day. Poodlecorp, a notorious hackers group, has threatened to take the game offline on August 1. Pokémon GO, which was officially launched on July 6, has taken the world by storm and its rage has been continuing ever since.


Poodlecorp has threatened to take down the Pokémon GO servers with Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. These DDoS attacks are an attempt to make a server or network unavailable to its users by overwhelming it with massive traffic from multiple sources. Poodlecorp in an interview with Keemstar said that they are doing this “just for fun.” These hackers want to create chaos by doing so because “chaos is entertainment, we like to p*ss people off because we can.”


Interestingly, Poodlecorp has claimed responsibility for taking down the Pokémon GO servers on Saturday last week. But another hackers group OurMine had also claimed the responsibility of the attack, which caused the Pokémon GO servers to go down for a few hours. Do you think Poodlecorp will be successful in taking the Pokémon GO servers down? Or will Niantic figure out a way to stop this from happening? Let’s wait it out till August 1.


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