Microsoft Groove update brings improvements and new features

If you’ve been using Microsoft’s very own music app called Groove, then you would be pleased to know that they have apparently been listening to their customers’ feedback. Most of the things they’ve included in this latest update are things that users have been asking for, like a feature to know more about what are the more popular songs and new releases, plus faster downloading and improvements to the app’s reliability. However, there is an annoying thing that may come with the update, but they promise it is a only “a one time thing”.

If you didn’t know what Groove yet, it is a music streaming app and a local music player rolled into one. With the newest update, they have added the Explore view so it will be easier for you to see what the most popular songs are in case you’re the kind of music lover that likes to listen to the songs that everyone else is listening to. If you’re the type that always waits for new music, then this view is also good for you as it brings you the newest tracks from top artists.

The downloading of songs for offline playing has also been improved here and should now become faster. However, you still need to have the app in the foreground when you’re downloading the music. Screen resolution has been improved since screens are getting bigger. There are other improvements like with the product and playback reliability, sorting options, and faster sign-in since you’ll be using your Microsoft account.

Microsoft however warns users that since the sync fixes are pretty significant. It might require you to rebuild your collection from scratch so that is a bummer. They did say it is “a one time thing” and that it will actually just take you a minute to restore it. So if you’re okay with that, update your Groove app to the latest through its Google Play page.

SOURCE: Microsoft


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