U.S. Army switching to iPhones because Androids freeze up : False

The U.S. Army’s Special Operations Commands has had enough with using Android phones that constantly freeze up and is switching to iPhones.

Apple’s latest iPhone 6S, which will be integrated into a soon-to-be deployed iPhone Tactical Assault Kit (iTAC), will replace the Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAC), which uses an unspecified Samsung smartphone, according to Military.com’s online defense and acquisition journal DoD Buzz.

Unnamed sources told DoD Buzz the Android phones currently in use freeze up and have to be restarted often, wasting minutes that add up over time.

Furthermore, app lag is reportedly unbearable for viewing live feeds from unmanned aerial systems. On iPhone, the graphics are “clear” and “unbelievable” and performance is “faster” and “smoother” according to the report.

As Daring Fireball’s John Gruber wrote: “Apple couldn’t write a better story themselves.”

It sounds damning for Android, but we don’t know the entire story. What model Samsung phone was it? Samsung’s made fast phones, but the performance on them has increased exponentially over the years as the processors have gotten more powerful and the amount of RAM inside increased.

It wouldn’t be a fair comparison to pit a two to three year (or older) Samsung phone against Apple’s latest iPhone.

Apple’s iPhones and iPads and Samsung’s Knox-certified smartphones and tablets are approved for use by the U.S. Defense Department.

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