Tiny Archers: defend your kingdom with your arrow skills

Tiny Archers may sound like a variant of the Tiny Towers game, but it is anything but. You are actually one of the remaining defenders of a kingdom that has fallen prey to goblins and trolls and so you must protect the towers at all cost. But you are only to rely on your digital archery skills so you better start practicing. The tower defense fantasy action game (now that’s a mouthful) is now available for Android devices.

In this game, you get to play and choose from among 3 characters: human, dwarf, and fairy. Okay now you finally get the tiny part in the title. And yes you’re also up against both tiny and huge enemies with the goblins and trolls respectively. There are also three available stories to play in Tiny Archers, so hopefully, you won’t get bored with them and all the 70 unique tower defense levels.

The basic idea is that as the enemy is rushing towards you and your tower, you get to unleash your archery skills and kill them, sometimes violently. You will also learn some new digital archery skills and know when and how to attack with shots that will stun, slow down, or kill your rushing enemies. You can also upgrade your characters and then select resources so you can also discover new skills and even magic arrows to help you along.

Aside from just shooting arrows, the game also allows you to develop strategies and tactics so you will be able to survive the attack in more ways than one. You can download Tiny Archers fro the Google Play Store for free.

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