Google Phone App Now Features Spam Protection

Ever since telemarketing became a thing, groups of people have tried to make the most by resorting to what is know as spam calls. These often take the form of automated voice recordings (or robocalls as they are often called) being played back to the receiver, often selling goods or services that the receiver may or may not be interested in.

It’s really annoying and universally hated, and most of us inadvertently pick up such calls only to hang them up 3 seconds later.

Well, if you are a user of the Google Phone/Dialer App, then here’s some good news.

Gone are the days when you used to get frequently disturbed by telemarketers. Though most of the Smart people out there are already using the Truecaller application, Google has now taken it onto themselves by blocking all the SPAM calls. The latest update to the Phone app now brings in built-in spam protection. While such a feature isn’t new by any standards judging by the number of similar apps on the Play Store, integrating the app directly into the default app across Nexus and Android One devices makes the service easily accessible to a good chunk of Android users, and the application itself likely works universally as well. How does it work?


To get this service onto your Android Smartphone, you will have to download the latest version of the Phone Dialer application. We have been looking forward to this solution by default on all the Android devices because those 5-second stupid calls make no sense and also distract us while at work.

Just head over to the Google Play Store and check if you have received the official update or else manually download phone app apk & install it onto your device. This will ensure that you are all set to stop these anonymous calls where some marketers try to sell something you are not interested in. The built-in spam protection should be good enough to inform you about the callers details & alert if it’s a suspected spam caller.

The spam protection feature becomes available once you turn on the Caller ID option on the Phone app that you download & there are no additional settings required for the same. Whenever you receive a call, Google will match the caller’s number with the Local Business Listing and also through other directories to report you the number. You can also mark any recent call as Spam if it is not reported already to ensure this caller would not disturb you anymore.

By the way, if you incorrectly mark some number as spam then you can report this mistake within the application to ensure other users don’t see that caller as a spammer. Overall an excellent initiative from Google considering that nor everyone downloads third-party apps or even are aware of apps that could block these kinds of calls on their phones.

If you have a supported device, you can download the Phone app from the Play Store, or you can grab the latest apk from ApkMirror.

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