Google Play to add new app categories to make finding them easier

There are millions and millions and millions (and millions) of apps out there, and so sometimes it can be tough to find a new app for a particular task. Google is working to address that by adding some new app categories to the Play Store and tweaking some existing categories.

Google announced today that it’s adding eight new app categories to the Play Store. They are Art & Design, Auto & Vehicles, Beauty, Dating, Events, Food & Drink, House & Home, and Parenting. Google will also be renaming the Transportation category to Maps & Navigation, while the Media & Video category will become Video Players & Editors.

These app category changes are expected to be available on Google Play within 60 days.

These new and tweaked app categories should help when you’re hunting for a new app but you’re not searching for one app in particular. For example, an app like Tinder is currently listed in the Lifestyle category, but it could move to the more specific Dating category. The new categories should help to increase discoverability in the Play Store, which is good news for all Android app developers.


Developers, if you want to add these new categories to your apps, you should find them in the console at this time, just know that they won’t show up for users for a couple of months.

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