Leaked Sony Xperia F8331 to be named as Xperia XR, may launch at IFA 2016

Sony is not really doing a pretty good job with their Xperia X lineup of smartphones. But they made it pretty clear that the X series is here to stay. The company recently made these smartphones available in the US market as well. Sony also launched the Xperia XA, which is very similar to that of the original Xperia X device which they released earlier.  Talking about these devices, now apparently it looks like the company is all set to launch a new smartphone which is likely to join the X series. Though there is no confirmation, we got to know that the earlier leaked Xperia F8331 will be officially named as Xperia XR.

This new device appeared online with some fresh images showing off it’s built quality. It looks like this will be a flagship phone for this company this year or the coming year. The design of the device looks different from the other Sony devices we have seen so far. It has finally changed for good. At the front, we have a display covered by a glass which is slightly curved to the sides. It also shows off the front firing speakers, which at the moment is not confirmed if it will be stereo speakers.

Coming to the back, we have a fresh new look going on. The LED flash layout difference is most noticeable. There is also a separate partition at the bottom, for which the purpose is unknown at this point. Rumors have it that the device will be made out of metal and hence the lower separation might be for antenna bands. There is also a USB Type-C at the bottom of the device and at the top, we can see a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Well, it will be the first device from Sony to sport a USB Type-C.

Xperia F8331

Also on the sides, we have the power button, which again might feature a fingerprint scanner as it appears from the image. According to reports, it is expected that device will feature a 1080p display on the front and also this device will be capable of recording at 4k resolution with both the front and the back camera. We don’t have any info on the pricing or availability of the device. However, it is expected to launch in the month of September at IFA 2016. Either way, we will get more information soon to back this up so stay tuned for more details on this in coming weeks.

Check out more about the Xperia F8331 now called Xperia XR here

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