Meet the Unlikely Singer of the Electrifying Pokémon Theme Song

Witness the makings of a timeless classic.

18 years ago, Jason Paige found himself in a studio recording session for a theme song to the American version of Pokémon. With previous experience with jingles and other commercial work, this seemed like any other ordinary gig, but it wasn’t until he started to hear his voice playing out of Pokémon merchandise that he realized that his was becoming the voice of a cultural phenomenon. Eventually, Paige was given a one time payment from 7 different companies, so he will not see any compensation for the recent 400 percent spike in Spotify plays following the launch of Pokemon GO, but he feels that the joy and inspiration this song brings to people is already gratifying enough.

Since then, the 47-year-old recording artist has worked with major names like Aerosmith, Enrique Iglesias, and even served as backup vocals for Michael Jackson — while more recently recording music for Seth Rogen’s upcoming animated flick, Sausage Party. While the cartoon is on its 18th season and no longer using his version of the theme song, his voice is widely associated with the Pokémon franchise. Look forward to an upcoming live performance of the epic song on July 28th in Los Angeles, where he will include more Poké-themed surprises combined with original music.

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