Prisma will soon turn your videos into art as well

What’s better than an app that turns selfies into instant art? An app that does the same thing for video and virtual reality.

That’s what Prisma, the app that has already captured the imagination of the photo-sharing community, is working to bring to the public next.

For those still unaware, Prisma converts your stale old photos into works of art, applying unique art filters that completely transform them into something you’d want to hang on your wall. Using a combination of AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning, Prisma analyzes your photo then applies one of 30 available artistic styles to it. This turns an old photo into something that looks hand drawn or painted and the results are really quite impressive. Although, a photo editor is only as good as the photo you take.

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After contacting the Russia-based developers behind the app, we confirmed, as noted on Sunday, that the app will soon move into video. The developers Prisma Labs sent Mashable a demonstration of what the video version of Prisma will look like and the result is fascinating.

In the brief video demo, there’s no apparent difference from the subtle artistic effects that are used in the photo app. The company won’t reveal when the video version of the app will be released or what length limit (if any) the user video clips will have once the new version is live.

Along with the video version, the company is developing a virtual reality version of the app as well.

As with the video version, the team at Prisma Labs won’t disclose a release date, but the demonstration video of a 360-degree Prisma-processed video is enough to hint at what might become an innovative new tool for creating immersive, surreal experiences for VR viewers.

Of course, the photo version of Prisma is still in the midst of a flurry of user excitement and experimentation on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. But this peek at the app’s future promises even more fascinating, user-created projects in the future.

We’re guessing the end result could look something like 2006’s A Scanner Darkly — only in bite-sized clips — a film which used a similar artistic filter throughout the entire movie. For more on that, check out the trailer below. Consider us excited.

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