How to Create a Prisma Video on any Smartphone in 10 Steps

Prisma, the photo editing that has taken the world by storm is now said to come with two new features. The developers of the app had announced to bring the 36o-degree photo and video support in the coming updates. The sample Prisma videos are just amazing and make them look similar to an animated movie. As of now, there is no way to make a video out of Prisma app, but follow the below steps to make a video, that too using your smartphone.

In case, if you haven’t downloaded the Prisma app, follow this link to install on your smartphone. If you don’t like to have the Prisma watermark on your video, click on the below link and follow the steps to disable the Prisma watermark.

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  1. Capture images using the burst mode in a sequence on your smartphone. Most of the Android smartphones support 20 to 30 burst shots.
  2. Now open the Prisma and manually convert all the images one by one into a Prisma photo. Also remember to use the same filter which makes the video look cool. Don’t forget to save the edited images.
  3. Once all your images are edited, now download and install Adobe Premiere Clip from Playstore.
  4. Now tap on the Plus symbol on the bottom right of the app and select device.
  5. Here you will see the images in the Prisma folder. Select all the images and tap on done.
  6. You will see two options – ‘Automatic’ and ‘Freeform.’ Select Freeform and decrease the duration of each image for minimum (< 1 second) for best video.
  7. Open ‘Settings’ from the top menu and disable the Photo Motion.
  8. Drag and Drop the images if they aren’t in order. You can also watch the video anytime by click on the preview above the images.
  9. To add any music to the video, tap on the music note icon in the top bar and select built-in audio or the custom audio from the device.
  10. Once the video is perfect, tap on the share icon and select ‘Save to Gallery.’


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