Redmi Pro OLED screens are from China, not Samsung

Xiaomi’s more price-aggressive brand, Redmi, has a new phone out simply called the Redmi Pro. It starts at the equivalent of about $225, but it also has a full HD OLED screen — something rare at this price point.

Samsung, which produced the Xiaomi Mi 5’s OLED panels, did not produce the Redmi Pro’s screens, though. Not even LG got the job. Instead, Xiaomi Today is reporting that two Chinese firms, EverDisplay and BOE, made the grade. It’s not known how the order split down.

We assume that the decision to go with Chinese suppliers for the OLED screen is one factor that has helped the Redmi Pro’s price remain pretty low, at least compared to similarly-specced competitors. The phone’s 5.5-inch 1080p display has a 60,000:1 contrast ratio and fully covers the NTSC color space. The two companies are heading off Samsung’s reported 95 percent share of the OLED market with more orders from domestic brands these days as they’re considered cost-friendly and of good quality.

The question from here: how low can they go?

Source: Xiaomi Today

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