Pokémon Go nests are reportedly spawning different Pokémon

Are you tired of seeing the exact same Pokémon in your area all the time? Well, something earth-shattering may have just happened in Pokémon GO that has apparently shaken up the entire spawn system.

Pokémon Go trainers hoping to visit one of the elusive Pokémon nests will have to reconfigure their “town maps,” as they may not find the same Pokémon ready for capture there anymore.

Sites across the globe where a specific Pokémon will spawn repeatedly, dubbed “nests” by the community, seem to have undergone some changes Friday, as trainers have reported their favorite spawning sites no longer producing the same creatures.

For certain Pokémon “nests,” there appears to have been a mass reshuffling in the last few hours where certain common and rare spawns are now doling out brand new types of Pokémon instead.

This was spotted, where else, in the uber-scientific Silph Road community, and they are currently compiling a massive list of what nests may have changed to new nests.

A mass rotation of Pokémon like this does make sense. One of my chief complaints about Pokémon GO is that after a certain point, you will simply not see some Pokémon unless you’re heading out on roadtrips, because of how predictable these spawns are. However, if the spawns are programmed to change every few weeks or so, that gives players a fresh reason to stay engaged, given the sort of new Pokémon that pop up, which they may not have seen before. This is something I actually suggested would be a better way of ensuring Pokémon diversity than trading, which has the potential to create an unseemly Pokémon black market.

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