New Apple patent suggests future iPhones could have a Digital Crown

This year’s iPhone is expected to bore everyone’s brains out.

Now, next year’s iPhone…that’d be iPhone 8, is supposed to be the one with the sweeping changes. For the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, Apple surely has something grand planned.

The next year’s iPhone is claimed to sport a digital crown similar to one on Apple’ Watch. Based on a diagram spotted by Patently Apple, the US Patent and Trademark office published an application from Apple that reveals the team have considered expanding the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown to other iOS devices which includes iPhone and iPad.

The patent diagram shows a button 204, dubbed ‘rotary input’.

Photo: Patently Apple

The patent in the published diagram suggests that the button would be used to adjust the volume and resizing the text, with the push-button function doing locking /unlocking the screen and taking a photo. Moreover, there were rumours that Apple may completely revamp the home button in the iPhone 7.

In olden days, Sony Ericssion had also implemented a similar hardware feature, which was known as the Jog Dial. A jog dial, jog wheel, shuttle dial, or shuttle wheel is a type of knob, ring, wheel, or dial which allows the user to shuttle or jog through audio or video media.

The suspense is building and it is yet to see what Apple has in its store for the fans.

Notice how the device in the diagram doesn’t have any home button of any sort.

Of course, patent illustrations are all pretty basic and aren’t detailed at all. Patent filings also aren’t confirmations the ideas will ever make it into real products.

Still, it’s not hard to imagine what a Digital Crown would look like on an iPhone. In fact, that’s exactly what one 3D designer actually did last year. Here’s a video demonstrating how an iPhone 7 may look like with a Digital Crown. Now keep in mind the iPhone 7 will not have anything as such and this is only a demo.

It’s all really just speculation at this point but a streamlined Digital Crown with an embedded Touch ID fingerprint sensor would actually be smart. A digital crown would make it somewhat easier to replicate scrolling, and zooming in and out, without much finger muscle movement. xperia-z2-discover-what-premium-feels-like-power-button-22682e2059cf99eea6592a0d4fc9e314-460.jpgIf Apple were to make this concept a reality, I would be one of the first in line to buy one because I am an extremely lazy person and have always wished for a crown instead of volume buttons when i’m reading at night or just watching a video on my phone half asleep and need to adjust the volume. Now a crown that big and obvious isn’t what I wished for though. It was more like the size of the power button Xperia devices had for a while but oh well.

What do you think about it? Do you like the idea?



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