The iPhone 7 sounds like it will be totally boring

It used to be fun to see an online leak for an unreleased gadget like the next iPhone or Samsung Galaxy or new MacBook.

Elf.gif“YES!! a new shiny thing is coming!” we’d think to ourselves, eyes-bulging, mouth agape, looking and looking and looking at the one blurry image of what could be the next big thing in tech. I personally have never really been excited for a new Apple release since by the time I got my first smartphone, and delved into technology, Apple’s iPhone was already less functional than an android. Sure it was more secure and pretty but it lacked the things I was looking for in my smartphone. As years pass by, it seems, even the Apple loyalists will find it hard to be excited about a new iPhone. I am not an Apple hater since I do love the MacOS and the shiny Mac PC and Macbooks which Apple has been sweetly neglecting in favor of the iPhone.

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If early leaks are to be believed — and they’re too numerous and too consistent to not believe a lot of what’s floating around out there — then this year’s iPhone 7 won’t be a major departure from last year’s iPhone 6s, come in two sizes, have better cameras, have a faster processor, run iOS 10, lose the headphone jack and have fewer antenna lines on the back. The larger 5.5-inch model will probably come with dual cameras and maybe a new smart connector on the backside.


Basically, Apple may switch to a tick-tock-tock release cycle instead of the usual tick-tock cycle, meaning a new redesign won’t come every two years, but every three years.

When Apple CEO Tim Cook gets on stage this fall and talks about all the great things people are doing with their iPhones and then hands it off to senior vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller to tell us all about the innovations of the iPhone 7, I’ll be tweeting and snickering about how they should tell us something we didn’t already know.

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The iPhone 7 will be the best iPhone Apple’s ever made and it will be boring AF.

My heart won’t be racing and my toes won’t be all sweaty eating up every new feature Apple will give some silly name for and claim to “invent”. I’ll nod while telling myself, “Yep, yep, yep. seen that. done that.”

So unless something crazy happens in the next few months, the iPhone 7 will look and feel a lot like the 6s. Is that enough to get you excited? Is it enough to turn around the slump in iPhone sales and convince people to upgrade their 6 or 6s?

I doubt it.

If anything, we’re in a period similar to the one we saw in 2012 and 2013 after Apple introduced the iPhone 5 and 5s and the world seemed enamored with Samsung’s big-screen phones.

Apple finally delivered on the big screen with the iPhone 6, prompting a massive upgrade cycle in 2014 and 2015. Now things have calmed down, and the company is scrambling to find compelling reasons to get people to upgrade more often.

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That might not happen until 2017, which is when Apple appears to be gearing up for a radical new iPhone. In the meantime, the iPhone will be just fine. Even if the iPhone 7 doesn’t appear exciting on the outside, it’ll still have the one key advantage that has always kept it at the top: iOS and its ecosystem of apps and services that keep users locked in. iOS is getting a huge update in the fall, with a lot of great improvements too.


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  1. The only way that Apple will impress me is implementing voocs super charge tech that’s capable of boosting a 2500 mah battery in 15 minutes. According to the leaks the 7 will have a 1950 mah battery with 6.1mm thickness. I a charging revolution… The tech available… Apple will not do this. I could do a way better job than Johnny boy.

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