OvRcharge Wireless Charger levitates your smartphone at $177 (₹11814.30) like Magic

We live in a time, where the levitating Bluetooth speakers are mainstream now. There are a bunch of them available online and can be easily used with just about any smartphone or a tablet etc. But just when we thought that it’s not going to get any better, now we have a new gig. OvRcharge claims that it can charge your smartphone wirelessly and it will levitate your device while doing it. How cool is that? Well, it obviously comes with its own drawbacks but still.


This is a third party charger and it might not be as efficient as the stock ones that manufacturers provide. But this product is more for its appealing looks and tricks that it can perform. So essentially this works with most of the smartphones i.e. if it supports wireless charging. If not, then you might have to put a third party case to make it work. This levitating feature works with the help of a magnet which you will be attaching to the back of your device. Once powered on, this will levitate your smartphone and charge it wirelessly.

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This charger from OvRcharge is priced at about $177 now which is a Kickstarter early bird price. Once it is becoming official, it will definitely be priced more than that. But from the looks of it, it appears to be aggressively priced and is very expensive as a charging solution alone. But it will definitely add on as a nice collectible giving your living room or your desk a unique look. It is not for everyone by any means, but if you don’t mind spending some money on this and if you can put up with its slow charging speeds, then you should definitely go and check this product right away. We hope to an upgraded version in future maybe with the quick charge ability etc. Stay tuned for more interesting and upcoming kickstarter projects like this.

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