SamsungOne is the new font for all things Samsung

 Samsung is among some of the biggest names when it comes to the markets of technology. The company is constantly coming out with various devices and updates.Samsung is a household name, and the Samsung name badge can be found on everything from smartphones and televisions all thee way up to refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers. The products may be unique, but Samsung is set on ensuring that all their products – such as the Galaxy range of smartphones – belong to the same family.


SamsungOne is a reflection of the company’s increasing design skills, as seen in the past two Galaxy phones. The font will be “at the heart of Samsung’s new visual language DNA, and provides a typographic foundation for the future.” It wants to provide a cohesive and universal experience when using Samsung’s wide range of products.

A big goal of SamsungOne was to create a font that not only worked on smaller devices, like smartphones and smartwatches, but also on packaging and promotional campaigns. While Samsung is not specific on when or where we’ll first see the font in use, it alludes to mobile phones, TVs, laptops, tablets, microwaves, and ovens.

It appears that the font was not entirely designed in-house by Samsung, but rather with the help of design firm Brody Associates. The company also worked with a number of “specialists” to bring the font to other languages.


The SamsungOne font appears to resemble more the original Android font, Droid Sans, with more embellishments on the letterforms that the newer Roboto font. Compared to Roboto, it noticeably has a flourish on the bottom of the “l,” and less pronounced curves on letters like “c,” “s,” and “a,” and an overall taller, thinner aesthetic. Head to head, Roboto feels like a more substantial design, with the SamsungOne characters feeling weaker and anemic in comparison, as seen below.


Samsung hopes that SamsungOne will manage to be “Human + Balanced + Ownable + Distinctive + Universal + Scalable + Expert + Durable,” which is a lot of things for a single typeface to accomplish. But even if it fails to convey it’s “Built-in expertise and know-how,” SamsungOne will at the very least continue to help cement Samsung’s own separate visual identity away from Google’s stock Android experience.

  • Humanist: SamsungOne mixes a simple, single-width stroke with more calligraphic details. A squared curve is combined with angled terminal ends to create a font which is very human, flowing and open.
  • Distinctive: Dynamic angles that come from how an arc joins a line create a consistent design personality. Prominent dots, distinctive diacritics and the tail on l add legibility as well we provide some of the distinctive design DNA for SamsungOne.
  • Universal: Like a global Family, SamsungOne is uniquely localized while speaking some of the same typeface DNA.
  • Expert: A crafted hands-on approach to type design and detail where small adjustments to height plus descenders and ascenders ensure balanced forms. A balanced and proportional set of characters aids consistency.
  • Legible/Scalable: Letterforms are specifically designed to work functionally at small sizes, and dynamically at large sizes. Characters are open and spacious aiding readability. Specific details are added to ensure legibility at text sizes.


No time table was given as to when users can expect to see SamsungOne in products, but with the rumored upcoming release of the Galaxy Note 7, the font’s product introduction may be just around the corner.

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