5 things you can do on the Galaxy Note 7 that you can’t on many other smartphones

 Samsung unveiled the large-screen Galaxy Note 7 “phablet” with a stylus pen on Tuesday, in an attempt to capture the premium end of a slowing smartphone market, boost profits and poach customers from rival Apple.

For years Samsung has differentiated the power-user focused Note line from its more mainstream handsets by juicing up the specs inside of it. This year’s approach is a little different, however: inside, the Note 7 is virtually indistinguishable from the S7 or S7 Edge.  But there are still a few things that make the note 7 stand out from the competition. The Galaxy Note 7 features incredibly impressive hardware and software, much of it unmatched in the space, but we wanted to highlight some of the main features you should know about.

1. Iris Scanner


The Galaxy Note 7 uses both an IR camera module and a proximity sensor to recognize when its owner is holding the phone up to his or her face (from 25 to 35 centimeters, or about a foot away). The camera can quickly scan the owner’s iris and, based on biometric data stored locally on the phone, will unlock the device. Note 7 owners can also store personal documents, like contracts or a copy of a passport, in a secure folder on the phone that can only be unlocked with an iris scan.

The iris scanner isn’t the smartphone’s primary security feature, Samsung says; it’s an extra layer of security alongside the now widely adopted fingerprint sensor, and it’s completely optional. But the inclusion of the iris scanner comes at a time when the security of a smartphone’s fingerprint sensor is being tested.

2. IP68 Rating


One of the biggest improvements to the Note is its IP68 water resistance; it’s the first Note to have it, and given the stylus opening, it was a pretty fair trick to pull off. The new Note can survive underwater for about 30 minutes. An IP68 certification also means that the Note 7 is dust resistant as well.

3. GIFs

I know, I know, a GIF maker might sound pretty dumb, but this function is actually really awesome. Samsung added a new on-screen recording capability that lets you create a GIF out of anything that isn’t protected. Maybe you want to grab something funny from a YouTube video, for example. Just highlight the area, hit play, hit record and, boom, moments later you have an editable and shareable GIF. You can annotate it, set the frames per second and much more. It is really cool.

4. Always on display

Alright i hear you, nothing new here but there still aren’t many smartphones that can boast of this feature and not cause a significant battery drop. But thanks to the Amoled panels on the Samsung flagships, the battery drain is very minimal.

5. New S Pen features

The S Pen is now more accurate than ever with increased pressure sensitivity, but that’s not all. Samsung has a new one-stop place for all S Pen functioning apps on the Galaxy Note 7, allowing you to quickly take advantage of apps for drawing, painting, taking notes and more. Support for the Always On Display will also let you leave notes for viewing at any time, which is pretty awesome.

And More…

Those are just a few of the new features out of dozens added to the Galaxy Note 7.Samsung included a new night mode that removes blue light from the screen as you get sleepy, support for Mobile HDR streaming and much more.

Do you find any of these “features interesting? Will it make you buy the phone? Share your thoughts below.






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