Pokéball fireworks explode during japanese fireworks display

Japan has been hosting fireworks festivals since the 1700s, when they would be fired into the sky to ward off evil spirits. Today, the tradition continues, mostly in July and August.

Over time, groups of pyrotechnical experts would compete for the most impressive display, which led to a great deal of artistry that, again, has carried over to today. Naturally, since Pokémon has been a Japanese pop culture phenomenon for the past 20 years, the franchise has worked its way into the festivities. We can’t exactly expect people to paint a Charizard in the night sky using only colorful explosives, but the Japanese sure have figured out how to make a Pokéball:

They even recreated the rarest Pokeball of all : Master Ball

With how popular Pokémon is once again in the world thanks to Pokémon GO, we wouldn’t be surprised if some Pokémon fireworks popped up elsewhere. Regardless, let us not forget that fireworks have long been a part of Nintendo’s history:


What would be the best Pokémon-themed fireworks display? Let us know in the comments below.

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