Amazing Nova homescreen setups for your inspiration

One of the coolest things about Android is the ease with which you can customize, modify and otherwise set up your smartphone or tablet to be exactly how you want it. With a little know-how and the right apps, you can make it truly unique, and if you’re not sure where to start, there is a huge community all over the internet to help you out.

Most of the times though all you want is an awesome looking home screen. Some people like it simple, some like it even simpler, minimalist, if you will and then there are people who like their screens full of information and things they need and yet elegant. Here are some of my favorites which I hope will inspire you to create something of your own.

Now to start you will need Zooper Widget Pro ($2.99) and Nova Launcher pro for most of these setups. If you like one of these setups you can follow the links and ask their talented creators about them. I am somewhat sure they wouldn’t mind.

1.  Kimberly Eller (Kim)


Remember I said how some people like it minimalist and some like it full of stuff? Well this seems to be a mix of both and I have to say it looks pretty amazing. I love the widgets and this is one of those setups where the wallpaper is really important and shouldn’t mess with the information being displayed or the little icons. Luckily there are plenty of wallpaper apps on the playstore if you need. The recent one I came across is Wxllpaper. And you can also use Blurone to dim or blur the wallpaper so that everything else just pops out.


2016 - 1.png

This is a quite fancy looking setup completely opposite of the previous one and until a while ago I loved such crafty themed set ups that are sure to attract quite a few eyes in public. The icons look pretty nice and the wallpaper is such a perfect match for them, (or is it the other way around?), the widget is spot on and it creates a theme of sorts. Billy’s setup features icons by Setio Budi, Wallpaper by Sliim hattakeh, Zooper Widget by Suzanne G. and a Hishoot template by +Galer nadie Pamungkas which according to my guess is the device frame that you see.


3. S . Venkatesh

16 - 1.png

 This is rather a more simpler look inspired by the new Nexus Launcher that was leaked recently, but beautiful regardless. There’s something about leaving the wallpaper’s beauty unmarked and letting all the icons into a corner or a side. Especially if the wallpaper is that beautiful. You can recreate this look by following the tutorial. This looks particularly well on a S6/S7 Edge (but then, what doesn’t).


 4. Pablo Oliva


Another very clean and stylistic theme that leaves the wallpaper to show off it’s beauty while the fancy clean widget sits at the bottom ever so gracefully above the dock. The dock houses what i am guessing are just icons. Here’s a quick tip though, nova lets you hide your folders behind icons and I for one, love this feature. If I had to do this setup those icons would be folders so all my favorite apps or the ones i use even once a week are still just a tap away.

5. Celso Baños Valdez

I am a huge Assassin’s Creed fan (the first four installments anyway), I am a big Ezio Auditore fan, and I am a pretty big Xperia fan as well so I guess I might be a bit biased on this one but it does look very nice to me. The navigation bar is tricky because you’ll need to have an Xperia device with the Assassin’s Creed theme but the rest of it doesn’t need any specific device. All you need is Stun Zooper Widgets and LINEA icon pack

My Setup

Back when I had my first android I used to do a lot of crazy things like turning it into iOS, or Windows phone or just some super minimal setup sometimes filling the screen with transparent widgets but lately I have lost interest in those and I like keeping it simple and something that is quick to create and doesn’t need much effort.

2016 - 2

2016 - 3
All the icons here are folders like I mentioned before

2016 - 3 (1)

These are a few that I have tried recently and the last one one is how I usually like to keep my homescreen with a setup that leaves a lot of room for my wallpaper to shine and yet has all the apps i need tucked into folders hidden in the app drawer. I use the stock Xperia launher mostly because I can arrange the apps in any order I like. So they’re all there right on the first page in the app drawer so I don’t have to look around for them because while I do love having an app drawer, having to open it to look for apps sorted in an Alphabetical order is not my favorite thing. I have way too many apps for alphabetical sort. So I like it that when I just tap the app drawer icon and all the apps I need are right there. In case you were wondering, the circular clock widget is the clock widget from Moto G4 which you can get here and once again, if you need that Google widget, go right here.
Some wallpapers from my collection here.
So how do you like your Android homescreen? Share with us and if you would like please do share your amazing setups and who knows I may have to feature them in another such post.

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