Download Artisto Android App to Create Prisma like Videos

We saw a couple of great new apps last month, the most successful ones being the Pokémon Go and the photo editing app Prisma. Both of them took over the world, and everyone started using them. It might be annoying to see so many pictures on social media as paintings, but indeed its too much fun. It became so popular that people actually started asking for an update to make it work with video as well. Well, even though the developers are working on it already, but we don’t have an official date yet.


Meanwhile, there are already a bunch of applications that can do that. The one who does it well is a new application called the Artisto. Yes, Artisto is Prisma for videos, and it is fun. So just like Prisma, you can record a fresh video within the application, or you can select an existing one from the gallery. It can be only for short video clips, so if you want to work with an entire movie clip with hours of footage, then this won’t work. Choose the 10-second section you want to use and wait for the app to transform it. Once done, it will change your clip into a version that reflects the style of popular artists.

The app is available for both Android and iOS. The apps work well but still there are certain bugs that keep it from being the perfect one for the job. Also, there is very limited number of style to choose from, and the result may not look as expected. So it often a hit or miss. Also, it is noticeably slower to apply these styles to the videos. And well, you can also expect some app crashes while it is doing it. But with that being said, it does its job decently, and if it works, the videos look way better than the original ones.

According to the sources, it took only about eight days for them develop the app, which is quite impressive. There have been previous attempts to make the Prisma like videos before, and we have posted a method to create such videos. Download the Artisto app now and try editing your videos.

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