The power of Samsung’s Marketing

Last night was and I am guessing today will be all about Samsung’s Galaxy note 7 which they announced last night in New York where it was a fine morning and is still very much the same day as of the announcement. Some of you may already know now that Samsung just turned its largest profit in 2 years recently thanks to the amazing sales of the S7 Edge.

That’s not all. The top three devices sold worldwide in the first half of the year were all Samsung devices. The number 2 spot was taken by the Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016) which shipped an estimated 13 million units while the number 3 spot is occupied by the Samsung Galaxy S7 with an estimated 11.8 million units.

Now if you don’t know about the Samsung Galaxy J2, its a budget oriented smartphone with specs that don’t belong in 2016. Here’s what you should know about it.  No auto brightness sensor, No hap tic feedback, no noise cancelling microphone, no gyroscope sensor, it’s basically a crippled smart phone and these aren’t even the worst things about it.

So how does a “smartphone” like that sell over 13 million units?

It’s because Samsung is clever. It understands that there are two kinds of people, tech savvy, who read or watch reviews, follow tech blogs and the general public. And guess who is Samsung’s target audience here? The general public. If you’re here, I am assuming you are one of those people that would rather buy a One Plus 3 or a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 if you don’t have the budget of a flagship because you know how these devices are better than anything Samsung or HTC have to offer in that price bracket.

But what about the general public? They see an ad for the S7, S7 edge, the shiny new Galaxy Note 7 and they go to the local stores and say, I want a samsung under a certain price. And if you pick up a J2 2016, its plastic, but its in no way a cheap quality phone. Sure you can tell it apart from a high end Samsung but it does resemble a high end Samsung in terms of colour and quality. They want a Samsung because it looks like a pricey device. Sure the One Plus 3 or Redmi Note 3 and a ton of other devices have premium builds but you have to admit, a Xiaomi logo on the phone still does not have the same value as say an HTC logo. Its called brand value.

Samsung commands a certain brand value and the fact that it is the number one Smartphone company in the world cements its position and value in the eyes of the general consumer even more. Most people cannot own an iPhone or a top of the line Galaxy , but most people can own a Galaxy that looks like a top of the line Galaxy.

The success of the Samsung Galaxy J2 2016 speaks so much about Samsung’s brilliant marketing strategy when compared to other brands that are competing on specs in the budget range while Samsung is playing the brand card and selling the J2 in the name of certain marketing gimmicks. And look who’s more successful.

We’d wish Samsung would put its foot down on all these “budget” brands and come up with something competitive enough but why would they when they can sell the crap from their old warehouse in a shiny new packaging better than other brands trying so hard to bring a better smartphone experience in the budget range.

Do you have something to add? Let us know your views in the comments.

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  1. It is called the power of marketing, these brands are selling crap because they know how to sell crap. Who cares about quality? they spend millions on their brand, they build a brand name then sell the brand because nobody will care about the product


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