Best stock Android wallpapers

Android features all sorts of customization, from icons to themes. The brave of you also jump into the waters of XML editing and flashing experimental visual tweaks. It’s safe to say that we all love Android customization, and it remains one of the reasons we pick the platform over any other mobile OS. With Android, your phone can truly be yours because you’ve got full control over the tiniest of its details, as well as an immense repertoire of available launchers, icon packs, and themes. But perhaps the most essential part of an Android launcher is the wallpaper.

Now, changing the wallpaper is not just an Android thing, and it’s something that even non-color feature phones had back in the day. I remember my first color phone and how I wanted it to look the best. To our current luck, though, setting a wallpaper is as easy as ever and you’ve got a million ways on getting them on your phone. But there still remains a problem that we often stumble upon: where do I find a great wallpaper?

Well here are some of my favorite ones that came directly from the device manufacturers and some were tweaked a little by me and I hope you will find something to make your android shine.


In case you want all of them I have a complete zip which you can download from here. And be sure to check out some home screen setups to go with these wallpapers. Happy Customizing!

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