Nexus 2016 devices to get Night Light mode, dual-tab settings and ambient display UI

Earlier this week, we saw screenshots that suggested Google is going to change the launcher for new Nexus devices. Now, Android Police is offering a glimpse of more tweaks that are coming to 2016 Nexus devices with Android 7.0 Nougat.

As per latest screenshots, Google is apparently rolling out a revamped color theme for the Settings menu which will be a mixture of dark grey, blue, and white. Next up, the new Nexus devices will exclusively get a dual-pane UI that show sections for “all” and “support”.



Android N Developer Preview had a Night Mode in some of the builds but was removed later. A new option is seen that needs to be manually turned and it can be adjusted based on the sunrise/sunset. You can also set a custom schedule to turn on automatically. The Night Light mode will try to reduce the Blue light emitting from 2016 Nexus smartphones’ display by offering a Red tint.



Finally, the new Nexus devices will get ambient display with double-tap gesture. You can double tap your screen to activate ambient display mode on these phones. The upcoming Nexus devices are codenamed as Marlin and Sailfish and are expected to go official next month.

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