Rio 2016 : Stay updated with the best apps for Android and iOS

The Olympic Games are so very nearly upon us. That means a month’s worth of the finest athletics, swimming, diving, weightlifting and many other sports. It’s also the ideal time to get to know more about its location this time around—Rio De Janeiro.

We’ve rounded up 12 apps that will help you in your Olympic journey, whether you’re watching from India or the US of A or United K or just about anywhere on the planet (assuming you have network reception and a data plan).

Best apps for everyone

Best app for UK

Best apps for USA

Best app for India

Best app for Canada

Best apps for everyone

1. Official Rio 2016


Some athletes have already begun competing, which means the 2016 games are upon us! The opening ceremony is only a day away–are you ready to keep up on all the breaking records and medal celebrations?

Here are 10 apps to get you in the Olympic mood, starting with the official app for this year’s games.

The official Rio 2016 app has all the stuff in it that you need to follow the Olympics, at least passively. You can get news updates, video, medal counts, and notifications for favorite countries, sports, and athletes. The only real bummer about the app are the real time updates: it just opens a browser window to the news stream at

Get the official Rio 2016 app on iOS and Android.

2. NBC Olympics


NBC’s Olympics app delivers lots of news, and there are tabs devoted to providing a host of speciality information.

Some of the features seem a bit half-implemented, though: the Olympic Pulse section of the Activity feed is just a Twitter aggregator for Olympic-related tweets, and if you tap any of the multitude of buttons to watch events live you’ll be shuffled off to the NBC sports app (or the app store if you don’t already have it).

Get the NBC Olympics app on iOS and Android.


3. Olympic Athletes’ Hub 2016


While the app is designed to be a social network for Olympic athletes, the public is still welcome to join. You can use the app to follow your favorite Olympians and get their take on what’s going on in Rio, for better or worse.

Note: there is a version of the app on Google Play called Rio 2016 Social Hub, which says it’s tailored to members of the public who want to follow athletes. It doesn’t appear to actually work. At best it’s just an app designed for Sochi that was stamped with 2016 graphics. At worst it might be a bogus app.

Get the Olympic Athletes’ Hub 2016 app on iOS and Android.



If you’re familiar with ESPN’s app you’ll be familiar with how to use its Olympic coverage. Simply tap that middle button (the one with a football and basketball on it) and select Rio 2016, like you would any other sport. All the same coverage options are there.

Get the ESPN app on iOS and Android.

5. theScore


theScore is all about localized, customized sports news. It’s set up around location-based notifications and team news, but it also has an Olympic feed. You’re not going to get a lot of specialized info for the Olympics unless you customize the app, but that’s not the appeal: it’s the location-based news you can get for everything else.

Get theScore on iOS and Android.

6. Official Olympics


If you’re interested in more than just the 2016 Olympics the official Olympics app is for you. You can get current coverage and news, medal results, and other stories, but here’s the best part: you can use the app to find information about every Olympic games ever held. There’s even video dating back to the London games of 1908.

Get the official Olympics app on iOS and Android.

Best app for UK

7. BBC Sport


BBC Sport has added a menu option for Rio 2016, making it easy to get all the latest news. Some of the features of the app, however, aren’t going to be super beneficial if you aren’t based in the UK. If you are, though, you’ll love the listings for BBC Red Button on different digital subscription platforms.

Get the BBC Sport app on iOS and Android.

Best apps for USA

8. NBC Sports


The NBC Sports app is the place to go for watching the events on your mobile device. NBC claims to be streaming every single Olympic event this year, and you’ll be able to watch them all in the NBC Sports app.

If you already have NBC Sports installed you’ll automatically get an update that adds the Olympic tab to the home screen–just swipe along the top to switch between Rio and regular sports news.

Get the NBC Sports app on iOS and Android.

9. Team USA


For many Americans the Olympics is a patriotic event, and if you’re that kind of person you might only want to follow Team USA. If that’s the case you’ll need the official Team USA app. The app gives you all sorts of Olympic news, custom tailored for the watcher who only wants to be there to support their team.

Get the Team USA app on iOS and Android.

10. USA Basketball


Maybe you’re interested in just one sport: basketball. If you’re an avid USA basketball fan you can do even better than the Team USA app with the USA Basketball app.

The app delivers news, the USA Basketball Twitter feed, upcoming events, and results. It also has resources for young players and youth coaches in the form of drills, workouts, and exercises to improve their game.

Get the USA Basketball app on iOS and Android.

Best app for India

11. Hotstar TV Movies Live Cricket


If you’re in India, then you might already know about Hotstar, a great streaming app that lets you watch all your favorite sports, including the 2016 Rio Olympics!

Star India has the local rights to broadcast the Olympics and that’ll translate over to the Hotstar app, where you’ll be able to stream the Rio Games in all their glory. Along with live streams, Hotstar will be connecting with Star India program so that you can view on-demand content during the games.

The best place to watch the 2016 Olympics on the go in India is in the Hotstar App from Novi Digital Entertainment.

Get the Hotstar TV Movies Live Cricket app on iOS and Android.

Best app for Canada

12. CBC Rio 2016


If you’re a Canuck looking to watch Team Canada claim all the medals, then the CBC Rio 2016 app should be at the top of your list. CBC is the only place to get cable coverage of the Olympics in Canada and, unless you have two and a half weeks to spend in front of your TV, you’ll want Team Canada in your pocket.

And, being as worldly as we are up here in Canuckistan, you can browse athlete bios from all the countries participating in the Rio Games.

You can watch video highlights, features on athletes and teams, and get results as they happen. CBC Rio 2016 handily breaks the games down for you, so you can follow the sports you care about, find the news you want to find, and enjoy every second of the 2016 Rio Olympics, Canada-style! (We gloat, but we apologize profusely afterward.)

Get the CBC Rio 2016 app on iOS and Android.


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