Why does the Galaxy Note 7 features both iris and fingerprint scanners?

Samsung has finally unveiled its next-generation Note phablet, the Galaxy Note 7. It brings a host of new features and improvements over its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 5. Besides the 5.7-inch dual edge curved QHD display, water and dust resistance feature, USB Type-C port and a gorgeous design, the Galaxy Note 7 also features an iris scanner for biometric authentication. It also features a fingerprint scanner embedded inside the home button. Now, if you’re wondering as to why the phablet features a fingerprint scanner and an iris scanner, read on to know more.

To begin with, let’s first talk about how the iris scanner works. It uses two distinct pieces of hardware — a specialized camera different from the front-facing selfie camera, and an infrared light that shines your eyes as the scanner recognizes your irises, AndroidCentral reports. . Here, the infrared light works similar to the laser auto-focus feature found in most smartphone cameras. The infrared light also offers better ability to the camera to scan your irises – irrespective of the lighting conditions. What’s more important is that it works even when you’re wearing glasses.

Now, just like the fingerprint scanner, the iris scanner works with Samsung Pay too. You can also use your irises to unlock the smartphone and sign into websites on Samsung Web Browser. Samsung has also included a ‘secure folder’ which is similar to Secure Zone in Lenovo smartphones, and a similar feature can also be found in MIUI 8. You can save all your photos, receipts, bills and other private information in the secure zone, which can only be accessed after scanner recognizes the irises and authenticates the user.

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Samsung says it has taken more than five years of intensive work, research and development before it could introduce the iris scanner technology on the Galaxy Note 7. As of now, Android Marshmallow 6.0 natively supports fingerprint scanners, however, it does not support iris scanner, yet. Due to this, iris scanner only works with Samsung apps and that is also the reason why Samsung decided to include both – fingerprint scanner and the iris scanner on the Galaxy Note 7.


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