Action Launcher 3 Beta Lets You Re-Create the Nexus Launcher Style

The Nexus Launcher leak from earlier in the week seems to have captured the attention of all Android purists because well, it involves Nexus. Even as simple as the launcher is, everyone has been doing their best to either give the broken leaked version a spin, flash the fully working version as a system app, or re-create its simple elegance in their own launcher. Action Launcher 3’s beta update makes that last option easier than ever. 


The latest Action Launcher 3 beta adds the redesigned app drawer, which slides up from the bottom of the display. It also includes the new G “tab,” replacing the old search bar widget. Tapping the pill-shaped tab launches Google Search. Swiping right on it would normally open Google Now, but that function is not available in AL3. That’s about it, at least for now.

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The new Action Launcher 3 beta was cobbled together in just a few days and it might have a few issues, though it should continue to improve in the coming weeks. Chris Lacy being devoted enough towards this launcher is one of the many reasons I believe Action Launcher is the best custom android launcher right now. You can sign up for the beta and download AL3 via the source links below.



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