Even the world’s biggest movie star is catching them all on Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has become the new coffee table discussion after Game of Thrones. This has been probably after a decade or so when a game has caught so much of craze all around. Last week we saw, how players are catching virtual monsters inside White House during a media brief. Now, Shah Rukh Khan has joined in Pokemon trainers club.

Screenshot from 2016-08-06 09-59-51.png

Khan shared a screenshot from the game along with a post on his Instagram handle. We found it awesome not only because the Raees-actor is playing the game, but a certain sense of ‘Bro’ feel came along while reading his post where he says “Feeling extremely inadequate, unattractive & lonely. Been on the road for 45 mins & not one Pokemon has come to me. Not even a Pidgey or a Rattata”.  Doesn’t that sound like coming from a buddy of our own. Even he is finding it difficult to find these virtual monsters.

We would just like to say to Shah Rukh, “jab kisi cheez ko puri siddat se chaho ho, toh puri kaynaat use apse milane mein lag jati hai”

Bollywood actors like Anushka Sharma, Varun Dhawan, and even Priyanka Chopra have also been on board for quite a time now catching Pokemon.

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The comedy collective All India Bakchod  posted a funny video last month, which had a scene from Shah Rukh’s movie and the Pokemon Pikachu. It seems their prophecy might have come true! – pun intended


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