Innovating on the traditional Android homescreen with Action launcher

This is the third time I will be writing about Action Launcher 3. If you’ve been following me, you probably know why I think it is the best custom launcher for android at the moment and also that the new beta version 3.9 has captured the new Nexus launcher look and feel. If you’ve been on android forums and communities, you’ve also probably seen them flooded with screenshots of the same. There is also a way to recreate the Nexus launcher feel on Nova but it involves using zooper widget and is also just not as good as the original. Before this Action Launcher also added Google now support for rooted devices.

I was a big time Nova Launcher user and it’s a great launcher. No matter how good a launcher I tried was, nothing could stop me from going back to Nova until I bought an Xperia device and I just fell in love with that Xperia Launcher. It had a few things like arranging the apps in the app drawer in your own way, wherever you like something without any sort order so I could put everything on the front page because I don’t like having a lot of icons on my homescreen and also I don’t like having more than one homescreen.

So my love affair with Nova had ended but I still kept it and I would keep trying it every once in a while.

I didn’t think any custom Launcher would ever replace my Xperia launcher now. It did everything i wanted and then it got the Google now support too. But recently I tried Action Launcher again which also is one launcher I keep trying from time to time. It was actually right behind Nova on my favorite Launcher lists until recently. But this time,  Chris Lacy, the developer behind the Action Launcher, has convinced me to stay with it (through his work of course). It has all the things I care about, Google Now, the new Nexus Launcher design which I am pretty sure is going to stay at least with me for a while now. Most of all, its just how simple Action Launcher will make your life with the apps.

So let me show you how it has made my Android Experience better than it ever was.


That’s the homescreen, nothing fancy. I am enjoying the new look. Landscape wallpapers have never appealed to me so much on a 5.2″ screen before for some reason. Just some basic apps that I keep on my homescreen always because I just like’em there. The Google Chrome icon that you see is actually a hidden folder. Tapping on it opens up the Chrome browser and swiping it up opens the folder with all my Google apps. I do keep a lot of those.


But these obviously aren’t all the apps I use most of the times. Of course like any other normal person I have social media accounts and other things I like, and they’re just a left swipe away. Action Launcher 3 lets you have this card like space that is independent of your homescreens where you can put all the apps and it may not make sense to some because you can just put all of these apps and widgets on other homescreens. But I kind of like having a single homescreen and a separate drawer of sorts, called Quick Page, with my most used apps or just whatever I wish to do with this extra space.


For some weird reason, I have not been using the multiple homescreens android allows for quite sometime. Even if I did have apps on a second homescreen I preferred opening the app drawer instead (since like I have mentioned in a previous post, all my most used apps were always on the first page, two taps away). But with this drawer, I find myself using it. I have a weird thing. If you’re checking out the apps that I have above by the way, Wallz is a great wallpapers app.


A swipe down on the homescreen brings up the app drawer with the search in focus and the keyboard ready to be used just in case I need an app I did not think I need and all it takes is two taps at the most to type to get to any app I need out of the 148 apps that show in my app drawer. Trust me, its much better than having multiple homescreens or swiping through the app drawer looking for it. Plus, it saves you the one tap for bringing up the keyboard if you open the app drawer and then go for search. I know it sounds silly, but once you start using it I am sure at least some of you will feel how swift it is.


There is of course a swipe up or tap to access the app drawer which I can tell you I don’t really do anymore. Swiping to the right brings up google now which I do find quite useful.


So there it is. Action Launcher 3 has made everything so easy for me and I find everything so much more accessible. Of course these things can be obviously set up on Nova launcher except the card thing which of course can be done with an extra homescreen but it just doesn’t provide that same sense of neatness I suppose to me. A card that comes in on top of the homescreen with apps and widgets feels better to me than swiping through homescreens.  So basically all I ever need is a swipe (left, right, up or down) away.

awayWhich launcher do you use? How has it helped you better your android experience? I may have tried a ton of launchers but I have never given any of them more than a couple hours to impress me except of course, Nova, Action, Apex, Go Launcher and Smart Launcher so what do I know.


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