Seven of the best video game stories

Games are meant to be played, but ever since Space Invaders introduced the idea of narrative scenarios, the digital medium has recognized its potential for storytelling. Over time the writing has improved, better graphics have allowed for more interesting techniques, and every now and then a game pushed the boundaries of just how mature a story could be. By this point gaming is undeniably a storytelling medium, and we’ve experienced some incredible stories in our history of gaming.

I went over all the games that I have played myself and have felt connected so much so that when they ended, I felt sad. These narratives made me feel, made me think, and kept me glued to the screen until I reached the resolution. These games all told stories that only could be possible in a video game, as is evident by all the failed video game movie adaptations and if we want this medium to keep evolving, then this is the perfect time to celebrate them.

Assassin’s Creed 2


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