A Man Of Steel sequel is reportedly in “active development”

In a (very strange) response to the recent goings-on with the DCEU, Warner Bros. is reportedly moving forward with a belated Man of Steel sequel. A new report claims that the project is now in “active development,” and will join DC’s crowded blockbuster schedule for the next few years.

Man of Steel opened in 2013 to some financial success, so naturally many assumed that Man of Steel 2 was imminent. There has always been talk of a Man of Steel sequel, but mixed reception from critics and fans seemed to make Warner Bros. back off of the character and focus on more antiheroic characters, like Batman and the members of Suicide Squad. And when Batman v Superman seemed to be a pseudo-sequel, we all assumed that Man of Steel 2 was all but dead.

But now, a new report from The Wrap claims that Man of Steel 2 is being fast-tracked at Warner Bros. after years of development hell. Their source reports that the character of Superman is “top priority for the studio” and that, after complaints about Man of Steel’s portrayal of Superman and objections to the “DC Murderverse,” “getting the character right for audiences is of tantamount importance.”

This seems like strange timing on the studio’s part, considering that they’ve mostly been doubling down on characters that are cited as standouts in the otherwise disappointing films of the DCEU. It made sense to focus on Wonder Woman and fast-track a solo Batman movie after Batman v Superman, and to greenlight a Harley Quinn spin-off after Margot Robbie’s breakout turn in Suicide Squad, but I can’t imagine the rationale for getting Man of Steel 2 back on track. I suppose that, considering Suicide Squad has been savaged by critics and is seeing a precipitous drop in box office, that they might want to go back to more established and wholesome characters, but it still seems kind of out of nowhere. But maybe, if they’re truly concerned with getting the character right, we’ll get a lighter, less murder-y version of the classic superhero.

Man of Steel 2 has no release date, but will reportedly come after the solo Batman movie, which is estimated for 2018. There are two untitled DC films scheduled for October 5, 2018 and November 1, 2019.

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