LEAKED LG V20 leaked renders from every angle

LG which is well known all over the world as a smart device company, specializes it making devices and rendering easy to use gadgets for people. This company as they said has not been too successful since this year began, specifically after the release of the new LG G5 which was not welcomed by people and the market too.

However, although the competition has proven to be harsh and fierce, the Korean tech giants have already started putting plans in place to launch a new handset dubbed the V20 which is said to be a bumped up version of the tri-camera dual-screen V10 which was successfully launched last year.

So far, we’ve got some of the features of the V20 which is said to be released in September. It is actually surprising that LG has decided to stick with the Qualcomm snapdragon 820, where other high-performance devices are being powered with the latest and more powerful Qualcomm SD821.

Also, the device is said to come with a 5.5 FHD in-cell screen which is thinner in appearance but also smaller and lower than the V10 which is equipped with a 5.7 2k display. It will also come with 3/4GB of RAM, with 32GB and 64GB ROM variants both fully equipped with Adreno 530 GPU, and an external SD card slot that can contain as much as a 256GB card.

So far though we did not know what the device might look like but the folks over at Android Authority have managed to obtain exclusive renders in collaboration with @Onleaks.

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The most anticipated question about the V20 probably would be if the modularity of the LG G5 returns onto LG’s next flagship. While it cannot be confirmed as of yet, the renders do show a button on the bottom right that looks very similar to the module release button seen on the G5. So there is a high probability the modularity is present on the V20 unless LG has finally noticed the Camera button on Xperia devices and decided to replicate that which is very highly unlikely.


According to Android Authority the device is supposedly, “7.7 mm thick, apart from at the thickest part of the camera, which measures 8.8 mm.” That’s quite a camera hump we’ve got there, and the size of it suggests a dal camera setup like the LG G5.

LGV20-AA-exclusive-render-4-300x300The front renders clearly show that the dual selfie cameras on the front of the LG V10 could not make their way to the V20. Android Authority reports, that the LG V20 measures 159.5 mm tall and 78.1 mm wide, which makes it around the same height, but considerably narrower than the LG V10.

The front still sports the dual screen setup with the secondary display right on top of the primary display. LG has gone for minimum bezels which is always a good thing especially for smartphones as big as this.


While the power button stays on the rear side, the surprising change here is that the volume buttons seem to have been moved to the left. LG’s iconic rear facing power and volume button set up may soon be a thing of the past.

There’s a surprisingly less number of leaks with the LG V20 given that it is supposed to launch within four weeks. Remember the tons of leaks about the Galaxy Note 7?

It could be because the LG V20 launch is surrounded by other highly anticipated releases such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the iPhone 7, Android 7.0 and the new Nexuses which also might get a name that includes a ‘7’. Co-incidence?

What do you think of the LG V20’s design? Do you find the camera humps annoying and ugly too? I sure do. On top of being ugly there’s a greater risk of the lens getting scratched or damaged.

Source : Android Authority

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