Google Now Is Making Its Personal Assistant More Personal With ‘Explore Interests’ Feature

Even though the intelligent personal assistant Google Now already provides users with relevant information like train schedules, sports scores, event reminders and the weather for Android, iOS and Chrome browsers, it’s about to get a whole lot smarter when it comes to individual users.

Google is taking steps toward making its digital personal assistant more personal to specific users to further cater to their needs by testing a new feature.

Called “Explore Interests,” the new feature will further enable users to add the things they are interested in so that Google Now can present those types of cards.

Different from just toggling buttons for topics in the app’s settings, users may be able to customize their interests across various categories and let Google take care of the rest.

Using Explore Interests, users would be able to get updates in the interests that matter to them. They are asked to pick teams, bands, musicians, movies, TV shows, etc. they like.

Then, after picking from the general categories, Google Now will get even more personal with what info is shown in cards by allowing the user to get even more specific with their tastes, such as adding Donald Trump news or updates about Game of Thrones.

To do so, the user would then tap on the plus sign to add that person, band, show or movie that is presented under its associated category.

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Google Now will then track any new information about these topics and notify the user about it.

The personalized feature would allow fans to know exactly when The Voice returns and airs weekly, or how many medals the USA has won in the Olympics.

Google might also use its algorithms to provide users with the info they care about based on their search history, location and app downloads.

While there is currently no search bar, there is the option for the user to see topics that are “Popular in Your Area.”

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It was first reported that this new feature would be rolling out slowly, but Google is not officially announcing it and instead is still in the early testing phase.

While this new way to personalize content for users may never really become a reality for the public, it would make sense that Google would want to make improvements to its own personal assistant as Apple’s Siri is preparing to make her debut on macOS.

Source: Android Police

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