Inkwire Beta ready for remote assist, Android screen sharing

A few weeks ago, famed developer Koushik Dutta teased a forthcoming app by the name of Inkwire. Inkwire allows Android to Android screen sharing so anyone can quickly share a screen for teaching or demonstration. Koushik Dutta is the same guy who did the Vysor, AllCast, and Mirror to Chrome. He’s been making applications that make Android work with more devices mainly for the benefit of hardcore Android users.

Earlier this week, the Inkwire Beta was made available for access from the web. This latest release allows anyone to share his or her Chrome desktop screen with full voice chat. This is pretty useful when you want to show off something or share a video or photo you have on file.

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Inkwire is also perfect for those who need remote assistance or want to provide help to someone. With Inkwire, you are free to share your Android screen and distribute information or knowledge as needed. The voice chat facility which is built-into the program lets you talk while sharing your screen. You still need Internet connection (WiFi or 4G LTE) in order to share whatever it is you need to share.

Sign up for the Beta version of Inkwire and join the community HERE.

VIA: Koush

SOURCE: Inkwire

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