SwiftKey fixes busted sync as v6.3.9.79 rolls out giving relief

SwiftKey has just released an update to v6.3.9.79 which fixes a dramatic bug that caused the keyboard sync to be sent to the wrong users. The exchange of wires infuriated the users as it was apparent that something fishy was going on at the servers.

Earlier their team said that an update was on the way to fix it, and now it’s rolling out to the users.

The new update will re-enable sync on the devices, hopefully without your key predictions being shared with others users around the globe.

The Problem – Privacy Laps

That is a clear privacy loophole that SwiftKey has faced, which is clearly one of the mostbizzare events in the companies history since launch.

SwiftKey was initially vague and not sure about the cause of the sync drama. It later became clear that the company manually turned off the sync looking forward to the incorrect predictions.

In some wild cases, users were able to see all together different email addresses and phrases which were apparently meant for any other person.

That was surely an alarming situation though SwiftKey believes that only very few users experienced such privacy breaching phenomena.


The Update – Solution

The new updated version will resolve the issue and will start syncing your current account automatically without any problems. That would enable you to add new words to your dictionary as you used to do before, getting personalized suggestions on all of your new devices.

The rollout of the latest update is in process, so there is a chance that you won’t be seeing the latest build in the playstore yet.

Though the company aims to make the latest fix available to everyone soon to put an end to this dramatic scene.


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