5 fun Android apps

Why, yes, of course you have apps on your Android phone and tablet. But most of these Android apps are for work or purely practical reasons, right? All work and no play not only makes you dull but it’s actually bad for your health. (Isn’t there a study somewhere that supports that?) So, in the interest of health and the joy of nonsense, here are 10 Android apps that have only one purpose: fun!

Of course there are tons of games on Google Play too. There’s just no end of fun you can have on your Android devices. Download one or all and let the fun begin!

1. Audible

Are your eyes tired from staring at screens all day but you really want to read a great work of fiction? Or maybe you would like to hear a bedtime story to drown out noises around you as you fall off to sleep.

If you’re a book reader or a fan of audio books, you have most probably heard of Audible for Android and might already be using it to hear audio books whenever you want! The app is free, but you may have to buy the books through this app on Amazon.


2. Footej Camera


Footej Camera is a newer camera application (released in 2016) that also doubles as a gif creator. Like many camera apps, its features are mainly for photography and include manual controls for your camera (if your hardware supports it), a simple UI, the ability to separate the focal point from the exposure point, and, of course, it can be used as a gif creator. Pair that with the slow motion video recording feature and you have a camera that’s good enough to use in normal situations and when creating gifs.


3. Best Voice Changer


Best Voice Changer may not have the best name, but it’s still one of the best voice changer apps available right now. It comes with a variety of voice filters and that include all of the more popular options. Unlike many, this one also gives you the ability to apply the voice filter to pre-recorded audio or you can record fresh audio if you prefer. The interface is, admittedly, antique in comparison to most apps this days, but it is effective and you can get stuff done. It’s completely free which is also nice.


4. 9GAG



9GAG is an image hosting website and Android app that is home to thousands of photos and memes. But it’s also so much more than that. It’s a community, often a very shrewd one, that curates the most laugh-out-loud images and videos on the internet, into different categories, such as Funny, WTF, GIF and MEME.

It’s a highly rated app because it is stable and efficient. Check it out.


5. 10,500+ Cool Facts


This one obviously contains a ton of facts and information. Each fact is on a page-type display, so you just swipe up to go to the next page and down to visit the previous one. There is one numbered fact per page and you can share them via text message, email, or to your preferred social media sites.

You can also save facts to your favorites. If you come across some that you want to refer back to, this is a nice feature. You can also jump to a particular fact number or click to verify the fact. If you choose to verify it, a Google search results page will display with links to sites confirming the information.

A Random Fact: The inventor of the word “Jogging” died while jogging.


Did you like any of these apps? Do you know any more fun apps you would like to share?

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